Lotus Cobra is Evil – Final

My most common recurring nightmare (as in, a dream that I have when asleep) is a scene in which the teacher is handing back a test and I find out that I didn’t do nearly as well as I had hoped, and that I had in fact failed like a noob on a Toho extra stage. Then, of course, I wake up and realize that I graduated in 2005 and there’s no way it could have been real.

However, I’m starting an evening degree program in January and that world of tests, projects, homework, and failure will be real once again. I’ll still have time to draw and play games, but not much, at least not until summer break. I definitely won’t be able to commit to a large-scale project. And this time, my parents aren’t paying my tuition. This leaves me with having to free up more time and cut down on spending. I won’t buy any Magic cards, DVDs, manga, or video games until summer, and all continuing projects need to be wrapped up.

After the end of my obligation to lolikit, I really only have one continuing project, which ends today. And how about we end it with a Christmas episode?

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed Lotus Cobra is Evil during its short, 14-strip run. Special mention to DesuDesu (NSFW), MTGColorPie, and the commenters on the MTG Salvation thread. You made this all worth it.

7 Responses to “Lotus Cobra is Evil – Final”

  1. SporkLift Driver says:

    Even the evil cobras are cute, love it.

    Nice finish. Thanks for this and everything. Your work will be missed while you’re busy with school.

    Any idea when lolikits finished game will be available?

    Good luck with school!

  2. desudesu says:

    Welp, it’s been a fun ride, bro. Thanks for the awesome strips! (っ´ω`)っ

    *ps: I’ve been playing Eldrazi Green on Standard PTQs due to how adorable you’ve depicted Nissa.

  3. Skribulous says:

    Happy Holidays, and good luck with school!

  4. Skribulous says:

    Oh, and I put up a link to this from my LJ. Hope you won’t mind, this needs to be shared.

  5. Spring says:

    Aww. This is one of the best M:TG related things I’ve ever found on the internet. Sad to see it go, hope it comes back some day.

  6. waterfallen says:

    You are on WotC’s site featuring M:tG webcomics! Just thought that you should know. ^_^

    Any chance of more M:tg comics in the near future? I can dream though. XD

  7. Jon says:

    What? No Arcum’s Sleigh reference? You disappoint me that you couldn’t mention the jankiest card in Alliances.

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