What are Nechoes?

A site calling itself Establish Nechoes (NSFW) has appeared, supporting the establishment of Nechoes everywhere.

But, you may ask, what are Nechoes?

They sell mugs of sleepiness.

They have an artbook called Smart Nekomimics, featuring art from eight professional artists, some of whom are only five or so years ahead of me in terms of skill, but some of whom are so astoundingly good I’ll never reach their level,

such as Rikose (of Denki Shiki)

and puni-puni loli specialist Kito (of Sorahate).

Now, is it clear to everyone what Nechoes are? Good!

I must say, Establish Nechoes is one of the best names for a site since TwinsCatEar.net.

2 Responses to “What are Nechoes?”

  1. Samu-kun says:

    Ah yes, delicious Engrish. =w=

  2. ExoByte says:

    I’ve wasted the past 2 years becoming a virtual economist, when i could’ve been becoming a virtual nekomimicsist

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