Okamisan and Seven Companions 01

Welcome to the fairy-tale world of the latest J.C.Staff Tsundere Heroine and the boy with the stealth skills who loves her.

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I regret being away from home because I can’t properly upload screenshots of the first episode of Okamisan and Seven Companions.

I regret my reputation as a J.C.Staff fanboy that makes nobody take my recommendations of Okamisan seriously. But think of it: this has all the requirements for being a great J.C.Staff show (namely, cuteness and comedy), and it’s in the hands of a director whose experience with tsundere shows goes all the way back to Love Hina and continues through The Familiar of Zero and Hayate the Combat Butler. Ryoko earns points for beating up (mostly) those who deserve it, and Ryoshi earns points for showing signs of courage beneath the cowering surface.

So far, the show that I guessed would be the best show of summer has been the best show of summer. From the first cat-gauntleted punch to the recruitment starefest to the Cinderella parody at the end, I too, fell in love with Okamisan.

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  1. Samukun says:

    Flat yet yummy indeed. I think the best part of this show is the hysterical narrator.

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