Okamisan and Seven Companions 02, 03

Three episodes in, Okamisan is just as awesome as when it began.

Episode 02 is about the “tsundere denies her true feelings” struggle that many a J.C.Staff heroine has gone through. Ryoko’s denial of her feelings is a side effect of the tough image she has built around herself, and actually serves a purpose when she refuses to show fear even when captured and beat up.

But the episode is really about Ryoshi showing what fairy tale character he is based on: the hunter who saved Little Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf. Since in Okamisan the hunter, the wolf, and Little Red Riding Hood are on the same team, here Ryoshi makes it clear that winning the Wolf’s heart is his ultimate goal. And Ryoko, even for just a moment, recognizes how cool he can be. Some flashbacks to the episode from The Familiar of Zero where Saito defeats Guiche, although Ryoshi doesn’t need hax.

Episode 03 is about Otohime, who faces off against her elementary school nemesis Usami in a beauty contest.

Mutsumi Otohime from Love Hina, directed by the same director and referring to the same fairy tale.

At Liszt’s direction, Ringo attempts to steal votes from Usami because they “are the same character type”. How many people caught the Familiar of Zero reference here?

Probably more than the people who caught the Best Student Council reference in the second season of Hayate the Combat Butler (both shows also from J.C.Staff and directed by Iwasaki).

Thanks to Liszt’s machinations, Otohime gets no votes, except the one that matters most: the vote from the boy she loves, Taro Urashima. Taro may be a womanizer, but thanks to the backstory that was revealed, it’s clear that his heart belongs to Otohime. Sucks to be Love Hina‘s Otohime though. Her Urashima was taken away by that Narusegawa girl.

And Ryoko gets only Ryoshi’s vote, but reacts somewhat differently. Oh well, she’ll come around eventually.

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  1. Skribulous says:

    The Love Hina comparisons are reopening up the wounds of disappointment in my heart. Poor Mutsumi. T_T

    Also, Ringo is awesome, right up there with Narrator-ko. No contest.

  2. jbrennan says:

    No one ever did explained the whole “how tsunderes are interesting” thing to me. :/

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