Starting again from zero

Ever wonder what Tomoharu Saito has been up to lately?

But don’t worry. Saito Hiraga eventually won the heart of the short-tempered Louise and became the hero of her kingdom. I have no doubt that although Tomoharu Saito has to restart from zero, he will climb all the way back to the top of the professional Magic world, without cheating.

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  1. Khôi says:

    Poor guy fell really hard.

  2. KimikoMuffin says:

    I don’t think “famous” is exactly the right word here … 😉

  3. Samukun says:

    Will we get three seasons of this too?

  4. Illusice says:

    A short post like this does not do the Saito drama justice! Last year, Saito was voted into the Magic Hall of Fame and due to be inducted last month. He was disqualified so close that the DCI had to speed up their investigation and verdict. They removed his induction just days before ceremony. (The Hall is not only a great honor but also comes with valuable eligibility and cash benefits.)

    Then, non-tournament players asked, “what is cheating by stalling?” No worries because a specific incident is recorded by a respected player:
    Thanks to this, there’s an endlesss supply of Jace re-read jokes (Jace the Mind Sculptor is the best card printed in recent history and played in every format). Saito got away with it in this incident, by the way.

    The final irony in this drama comes from Saito’s last article before being dropped by Channel Fireball. It talks about “Playing and Enforcing an Honest Game”:
    In it, he also talks about his previous suspension in his early days, also for 1.5 years, for bribery and lying to take advantage of an opponent’s mistake.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Saito has the ability to come back again, but will he want to?

  5. pectus_umbra says:

    Not to be off topic, but I was wondering whether you would do Lotus Cobra comics for spoiled cards, or if you would wait until the set is released? God, there is such juicy stuff!

  6. MH says:

    Poor Saito.

    The more interesting question is, of course, if he *had* been inducted into the HoF before getting the ban, would his membership have been revoked ?

    The argument on cheating vs not went on and on during the HoF ballots and a majority of people thought that he deserved to be given a break for his youth’s infractions and be recognized for his results.

    Then he goes and does this. *sigh* way to prove the naysayers right. While Magic is a lot about winning, it’s also very much a community thing. As an upcoming Hall of Famer Saito would have had lots of eyes focused on him and he should’ve acted accordingly. He proved himself unworthy of the mantle and, well, that’s that. Say bye-bye to lifelong level 8 because you wanted to win enough to bend the rules.

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