Ever since Lotus Cobra is Evil gave me some measure of popularity, people have been recommending that I get a twitter account, @mtgcolorpie in particular saying “all the big kids are doing it”. But I don’t upgrade unless I need to – I’m the type that goes into a Verizon store and asks for “the dumbest phone available.”

What finally made me cave was reading the tweets about Autumn Children on pixiv and finding a conversation between @SekiyaHiroshi and @Minoriko_A_Key about asking me for permission to translate Autumn Children into Japanese. I tried to think of a way to join the conversation and let them know “it’s okay, go ahead,” and finally settled on the most obvious solution.

My twitter handle is also the most obvious, @houseofsixten.

Interesting twitter fact 1
This first tweet comes from @kenkyukan, where Takahiro has the following things to say about House of Sixten:

どうやらこの方は男性みたいなんですが、絵がかわいすぎますね。これは男性の描く絵じゃないわ・・・。それにとても日本的な絵柄。http://t.co/7W0ACdsO ブログのサブタイトルが「cute makes right(かわいいは正義)」とか日本を分かりすぎてて怖い。

My super weak and clumsy translation: “This person appears to be a man, but his art is too cute. These are not a man’s drawings… Also, the drawings are very Japanese in style. His blog’s subtitle is ‘cute makes right’ (‘kawaii wa seigi’), showing a scary understanding of Japan.”

I consider this a high compliment, and have tweeted my thanks to @kenkyukan. I wish I was better at Japanese so we could converse more freely.

Interesting twitter fact 2
Twitter’s artificial intelligence recommends that I follow @Gayarou. This is unusually dumb for artificial intelligence. Have I done anything to indicate that I would be interested in the things Gayarou does?

Status report
I am resting my hand after straining it during the wild rush to complete Autumn Children. When I have recovered I promise to start up A Song of Guns and Roses again. I apologize to the Youmu x Reisen fans for making you wait so long.

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    Youmu banzai!

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    …And added.

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