Sixten @ Sakura-Con 2013, March 29-31

From March 29-31, I will be representing my publisher, DoujinPress, at Sakura-Con. I will be staffing a table and selling Fairy Ring, Autumn Children, and books by the other DoujinPress authors.

Also in attendance will be DoujinPress owner and yuri queen Kira, who is driving up from California, and fellow DoujinPress author Melanie Herring.

Spring is here and my allergies are worse than they’ve ever been. I’m spaced out from all the medicine I’m taking, although that’s way better than not being able to breathe through the nose. I also have a sinus headache that will not go away and keeps me from drawing or playing video games. In my experience I get used to the medicine after a while and the headaches stop, but right now all I want to do is sleep. I’m taking a break from everything except my job for the next week or so.

Things should be better by the time the convention rolls around. If you’re attending, I hope to see you there.

Edit: (March 23) Pollen counts are high but my medicine has proved equal to the task, and I’m neither congested not spacey. Let’s do this!

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