World of Darkness

The current king of Magic The Gathering fan comics is Cardboard Crack. I don’t think any other Magic fan comic has three books published. A new strip is posted every day, and what it lacks in fancy drawing it makes up for with smart writing. (Whoever is drawing the comic actually does know how to draw – he/she just holds back most of the time, to save time.)

Will Lotus Cobra is Evil ever reach similar levels of success? It’s slower to update, isn’t as well written, and its humor is highly reliant on the audience getting obscure references.

So I’ll have to take things one step at a time. The first step is getting a book printed. That, at least, I’m sure I can do.

Anyway, these are the cobras of the week.

New strip:

Revamped old strip:

The original was criticized for trying to tell too many jokes. I wonder if I haven’t pruned it down too much though.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me back. Your encouragement will help me hit my weekly deadlines.

People have requested a strip about New Nissa (aka Nissa Worldwaker). I’ll see what I can do. Currently I’m running through unreleased Innistrad strips from two years ago, but I’m time-skipping around so much with the revamps that it wouldn’t be too confusing to break from the pattern.

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  1. HappyChicken says:

    Good stuff!

  2. Jesus159159159 says:

    Hiya Sixten! I was kinda curious if you had a tumblr page. (I only found this with 213 notes and surprisingly a proper credit link! ). All the cool kids are doing it, and I bet you’ll probably increase your view count by tagging with Magic The Gathering or whatever Magic-related. Just a thought… it wouldn’t be a replacement, just a mirror-site of sorts to widen your viewership. Cheers!

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