Aria BGM in A Major

I got myself some new gear for recording: an M-Audio Fast Track USB interface (which came with a sound recording and mixing program, Ableton Live Lite 6), and a microphone (with stand).

Now here is an instructional video with the acoustic guitar legend from Australia, Tommy Emmanuel. Here he talks about training the thumb to act independently of the other fingers, playing the bass in parallel with the other fingers’ melody.

I would like to demonstrate such a technique, but 1) no way on earth am I going to play even the beginner’s exercise of that without years of training and 2) this is an anime blog, so we have to find an anime song that has that kind of technique, and preferably one within my ability. I actually don’t know the title of this, but if you’ve seen Aria, you’ve heard this track.

Aria BGM in A Major
from Aria the Animation
by Choro Club

You know how most of the characters in Aria the Animation have names that begin with the letter A? You have the main characters Akari, Alice, and Aika, their mentors Alicia, Athena, and Akira, the boys Akatsuki, Woody (Ayanokouji), and Albert, not to mention Ai, Ayano, and more. When I was learning this song, I was like, “Hey, this song is in the key of A. What a coincidence.”

2 Responses to “Aria BGM in A Major”

  1. 0rion says:

    Ahh yes, the good ol’ Blind Lemon Jefferson style muted walking bass. Gotta love it. Also, I think you’ll find it doesn’t really take all that long to master. It’s a bit tricky initially, but once you wrap your head around it your hands tend to follow pretty naturally, even with the speedy stuff.

    But man, those folk and bluegrass guys sure do like to stick their pinky on the guitar when they fingerpick! My old classical teacher would probably slap me around if he ever caught me playing like that. D=

    Nice job though on your arrangement for the Aqua theme, though. I like it a lot! I should mess around with that one myself one of these days. I would also be interested in trying the actual guitar part from the song, and then faking the mandolin lead by playing capo’d way up. Either that or find an actual mandolin player and do it for real. 😀

  2. John says:

    Hey, great job.

    I play a bit of classical guitar.

    Would you be able to upload/ send me sheets or tabs?


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