Love in Space: Paperdolls (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

The first order of business in creating art for Love in Space is the character sprites.

The sprites will be wearing various outfits, and will be depicted in various poses and expressions, and thus we have to create multiple layers to swap on and off of a base, like a paperdoll.

However, in order to accommodate outfits like swimsuits, underwear, and bath towels, it is necessary for the paperdoll bases to be wearing a bit less clothing than in the example above. Which is to say, we need to draw the characters naked. It’s only mildly provocative, and certain anatomical details are not drawn. Nevertheless, we cannot escape the fact that we are depicting underage-looking characters (technically, all characters shown are at least 17 years old) with no clothes on.

Not safe for work after the fold.

Clicking on this image of a tanuki doll will unleash a mass naked child event on your monitor. Needless to say, it is not safe for work. You were warned.

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  1. Rocket says:

    If I comment on this post, do I go to hell, or jail, or Canada?

  2. Samu-kun says:

    Don’t go to Canada, Rocket. You’ll be hung, drawn, and quartered for possessing loli material there.

  3. Mugenjohncel says:



  4. Samu-kun says:

    Ack! The evil doer has followed me here!

  5. Bob says:

    This is probably the stupidist website I have ever seen. Who wants to look at a bunch of naked Clones?

  6. lobster says:

    Bob,why are you even looking at this website then?

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