Love in Space: Kaito and Sora Kanzaki

Here is an introduction of characters in Sunrider: Love in Space. First is Sora Kanzaki, (神崎 空 Kanzaki Sora) the little sister of the male lead Kaito Kanzaki (神崎 偕翔 Kanzaki Kaito).

These were created using the paperdoll base from here (not safe for work, but you should have plenty of warning before you get there). Each sprite was not drawn from scratch, rather, once the costume layer was drawn on, the others were created by duplicating the image and making minor changes to the pose and expression. It’s not hard to see that the feet are always the same, and the doll she carries has its head in the exact same position in all sprites. This saves a lot of time though.

Click for larger image.

This is not the full sprite set. There are other outfits and expressions. But Sora will have only this outfit in the first chapter.

Illustration by Takashi Hashimoto. Kaito and Sora are designed after fellow white-haired siblings Haruka and Sora Kasugano from the CUFFS-Sphere visual novel Yosuga no Sora (NSFW), which neither me nor Samukun have played.

Nargrakhan, who has obviously played Yosuga no Sora, is probably facepalming at the character designs and at our choice to name the little sister “Sora”. We swear, she’s not a ripoff.

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  1. Author says:

    I’ll be happy with anything that works. Make sure it’s appropriate time to start various routes and otherwise being ambitious. Granted, you finished Miao Diary, but now there is proportionally more work, more people involved.

  2. Sixten says:

    Don’t think I haven’t learned anything or planned appropriately from my last failed project. Sure this is bigger than Miao Diary, with an appropriately bigger chance of failure. But it’s only about three times as big, and we have twice the staff, and Samukun and I are much more compatible than Jason and I were.

    1) There are only two main heroines: Asaga Okrun (“Skygirl Konomi”) and Chigara Bin Ashada (“Skygirl Tsukasa”). Only those two, plus Sora, have a large amount of expressions and costumes. There has been discussion of a Sora route, but if we are behind schedule, the Sora route will be the first to be scrapped.

    2) The choice density is very low – you will make fewer decisions in a single playthrough of Sunrider: Love in Space than in Rocket’s Starlight demo or Hinano’s VN. This makes it less of a game and more of a clickable illustrated book, and you know that’s within my reach.

    3) When it comes to event CGs and character sprites, we’re cutting corners as you can see above. And when it comes to backgrounds, I’m a professional.

    4) We have an ultimatum to release this game no later than May 2011. We have estimated the number of words in the script, and the number of sprites and event CGs. And we are on pace. And when we say ultimatum, we really mean it – the project will end and release in the determined month, and we will cut stuff if we have to.

    Look at Paraplu – started by a team of two as a much more ambitious project over five years ago, but scaled down and progressing smoothly. And look at Katawa Shoujo (Disability Girls): a large team of amateurs whose members don’t meet face to face, with a much larger project and longer timetable than ours, with members joining up and dropping out, is still going strong since 2006, having released the first act demo.

    So please, don’t think we’re biting off more than we can chew. Please, believe in us a little bit more.

  3. Author says:

    Wait a moment, are you editing the posts? I swear there was a question in the post about an additional route, that I answered. But it’s not in there anymore.

  4. Sixten says:

    Yes, I did edit the post. Samukun and I were still discussing the story, and some changes were made, leading me to take out all text related to the story. I also removed the question asking whether people would like a Sora route. There is still the possibility of a Sora route, but it isn’t definite at this time. And in the end, it’s the developers and not the audience who get to decide that.

  5. Rocket says:

    Go team go!

    Be not distracted by the vile temptations of other video games (especially not the Valkyria Chronicles add on packs or H.A.W.X.) and certainly not by the internets!

  6. ThatGuy says:

    O.o I love Sora, it’s super cute >.<

    Very good work, so impressive 😉

    Greetings from Spain!

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