I was going to write about how Azusa’s true value was in the interactions she enabled with the other cast members, and how she filled a role that was missing in K-On all this time. The fact that she is a guitar-playing loli catgirl is nice, but doesn’t have that much to do with why I like her character so much. I mean, have I ever done anything to suggest I am biased in any way toward lolis, catgirls, or guitar players?


Samu-kun helped me realize that I was lying to myself, and I have stopped saying that my primary reason for liking Azusa is her part in the story. The truth is, I have been squarely targeted and hit by the Azusa Beam of shameless pandering from Kakifly and Kyo-Ani that has disintegrated my anti-moe defenses in the blink of an eye.

The loli catgirl is one of the golden standards of moe – just ask Kito. And guitar-playing loli catgirl takes it one step further. What’s next, guitar-playing tsundere loli catgirl with glasses? K-On might actually make it happen.

Commemorative Azu-nyan CG in stages

(click for larger version)

P.S. She does look a little like Jasmine Miao.

4 Responses to “Azu-nyan”

  1. Samu-kun says:

    It doesn’t look like anyone’s opening the blog post and seeing the Azu-Nyan wrapped underneath. 😮

  2. ETERNAL says:

    See, this is why I love K-ON: it has the power to render any of us defenseless with nothing but a few guitar-playing schoolgirls 😛

  3. 0rion says:

    What no one realizes is secretly Aruru plays some pretty mean electric lead herself. There were just never any outlets handy for her to plug her amp into.

  4. Baka Black says:

    Moe moe kyun!

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