Wandaba Style, an anime about a boy scientist who recruits a team of aspiring idol singers to travel to the moon, is largely a waste of time.

But the significance of Wandaba Style is that it is what has introduced the Western world to the artist known as Goto-P. It is unfortunate that a work severely lacking in literary merit would serve as the introduction of such a great artist.

Goto-P is an essential part of a balanced moe diet.

We here in the United States must either check out Clannad Another Story or wait until the translation of Narcissu Side 2nd if we want to experience a story worthy of Goto-P’s artwork.

Narcissu Side 2nd is a visual novel where the player takes on the role of a sickly girl named Setsumi as she comes to terms with her mortality or something.

Name: Setsumi. Gender: Female. Blood type: O. Bracelet color (identification bracelet used by hospitals to mark their patients): Blue. Age: 19 (although the official site also says 15, and that she looks like a middle schooler even at age 22).

Goto-P, and his artbooks such as Nagomi Hiyori, are highly regarded by myself, Stripey, Shin, Samukun, and other bloggers whose tastes in anime girls tend more toward highly underage-looking screen names start with “S”, because of his choice of subject matter. Goto-P depicts nostalgic and carefree scenes with young female child characters, in his own words “wonderful days remembered through all eternity.” His soft coloring style gives his pictures a relaxing feeling.

Goto-P’s work is so good that you can squeeze some value out of even a bad series like Wandaba Style by extracting the illustrations. Actually watching the show itself is not as good, unless you like over-the-top mockery of science and fanservice featuring somewhat underage-looking girls.

To save you the trouble of renting the DVDs yourself, I have a number of Wandaba Style screencaps that I took and stitched together myself. Click on the images for larger, uncompressed, 24-bit bitmap versions. Let the Goto-P appreciation begin!

Himawari Natsuwa (traditional Japanese ballad singer)

Yuri Fuyude (“Every hot girl is a rock star”)

Ayame Akimo (claims to be able to see fairies)

Sakura Haruno (not to be confused with Naruto’s female lead)

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Esperanza/Yorochan’s design is influenced by Goto-P’s Setsumi.

4 Responses to “Goto-P”

  1. Will of the Wisps says:

    Was he the one behind the art in Narcissu 1 as well?

    On a less related note, who did the art for the Wind ~A breath of Heart game OP? The artstyle is beautiful and unique, for one thing.

  2. Sixten says:

    I don’t think the in-game art of the first Narcissu is by Goto-P, but he has done art of that game’s version of Setsumi.

    I think the Wind – A Breath of Heart game OP was directed by Makoto Shinkai.

  3. Stripey says:

    Nagomi Hiyori is one of my favourite artbooks EVA (Almost up there with Byakuya Chakai.. ALMOST… which is a big deal). I was brandishing this artbook to a friend at a cafe and he was WOW-ed by the meld of vibrant colours with soft tones. Goto-P does loli right indeed.

  4. Shiroi Hane says:

    I have some nice Goto-P art in a compilation book somewhere, I think it was a Megami Creators.

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