When little sisters attack

Coming this spring from J.C.Staff is First Love Limited (the katakana reads “Hatsukoi Limited”, but they do use the English words “First Love Limited” in the manga).

It’s a complex (in both the “complicated” and “to have a complex” senses of the word) love comedy adapted from the manga by Mizuki Kawashita, best known in the USA for Strawberry 100%. It’s fanservice shonen but not a harem story; each boy or girl is the object of affection of only one or two suitors and there are almost as many male leads as female leads.

So here’s a scene from First Love Limited: the attack of the little sister.

And then, you know.

In unrelated news, here’s another preview for Miao Diary’s final installment. No relation to First Love Limited, I just didn’t want to make two posts. 11 pages completed out of 18. I’m posting this today because I’ll be out playing Magic the Gathering tomorrow. Still, release date of 01 March will be maintained.

3 Responses to “When little sisters attack”

  1. Hinano says:

    I picked up Hatsukoi LImited based on your recommendation and I really like it so far 😛

  2. Sixten says:

    Maybe you’ll like J.C.Staff again when the show is over.

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