Suddenly, a shrine maiden

So ever since the official English site for Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens came out, I was expecting the US release to be announced. And when it was, last Thursday the 16th of July (one day before the release date of the Magic the Gathering 2010 Core Set) I ordered it on Amazon (technically, from RightStuf) like the good shrine maiden fan that I was. I even ordered other shrine maiden stuff to go with it.

It shipped a couple of hours after I made my order. It arrived today (Tuesday, 21 July) by USPS, in a bubble wrap envelope from “Customer Service, Bandai Entertainment”. The disc played fine on my PC and on my Xbox 360. After the horror stories about Bandai as a licensor and RightStuf as a retailer, I guess I should feel lucky. The rest of my Amazon order, consisting of additional volumes of the Shrine of the Morning Mist manga, didn’t ship until Sunday(?) the 19th.

Some complaints, though:

1) No English voice track? I am aware that the Japanese voice track is better like 99.9% of the time, but I actually like playing anime in the background while I draw, and since I’m not looking at the screen, I can’t get what’s going on. And the last dub from a Bandai license I got, Lucky Star, was excellent – enough to make it my default background noise while drawing. “Rice cakes are stretchy.”

2) Seven episodes on one disc? I know Azumanga Daioh pulled that stunt, but doesn’t the image quality suffer when you do that?

3) Why can’t Nagi wear her shrine maiden outfit by default? You’ll lose points to Kamichu and Shrine of the Morning Mist if your shrine maiden main heroine doesn’t dress properly. The red hakama (split skirt / kimono pants) looks so much better than that miniskirt.

That is all. Now to watch.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >1) No English voice track?

    Unfortunately to some, fortunately to others, the age of English dubbing for niche anime series is over.

    >2) Seven episodes on one disc?

    It’s as much video as is on, say, The Lord of the Rings DVD. Lacking any special features makes space for it, in this case. The folks on AnimeOnDVD would know more about this than me, but they seem to be saying it retains video quality quite well.


    To be honest, I like the miniskirt ver. Nagi better. Those thighs :3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Btw, love the top page (girl reading). Is it new, or have I just been inattentive?

  3. Sixten says:

    @Anonymous: Yeah, I didn’t think there was any degradation of image quality compared to the Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit DVDs which are 3-4 episodes per disc. I heard Stripey talking about the problems of too many episodes on a disc is all.

    The reading catgirl became the banner on 12 June 2009. It was a mascot I drew for another blog, that stopped using it, so I adopted it. Previous image was this one, which lives on in my avatar.

  4. Samu-kun says:

    Not a big fan of Nagi’s design in general. Her eyebrows are way too thin. Needs to be Mugi-fied a bit.

  5. Omitting the dub is a cost-saving matter. Dubs are second only to the license fee in terms of expense for an R1 release. A sub-only release will sell somewhat less, but it’ll also cost a lot less for the release house, and for some kinds of titles they apparently think it’s a positive tradeoff.

    If they don’t expect it to be broadcast on cable, and if they don’t think it’ll sell in the big-box stores, then sub-only turns out to be more profitable.

    As to 7 eps on a DVD, there shouldn’t be a problem unless the source material is really unusual. It’s pretty typical for them to use a bit more than a gigabyte per episode. The DVD can hold a bit more than 8, so 7 episodes fit comfortably. I’ve heard people complaining about this, but I’ve never heard of anyone actually providing real evidence that 7-ep-per-DVD shows look any worse than any others do.

    (For instance, Negima!? was released that way, and it looks fine.)

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