The Faces of CCY

“Cardcaptor” Yoshiyuki Nagato, or “CCY” for short, would be your typical smart and attractive male college student if not for anime. Years of exposure to mind-warping anime series, and membership in the international anime blogging community, irreparably damaged his masculinity. As a result his face and body took a more feminine shape and his natural hair color shifted to pink.

Excessive anime watching also damaged his eyesight, but that was fine with him, because he got to wear glasses, which increased his moe factor by 50%.

One day, CCY discovered that he had been transported to Gakuensuki, an alternate reality high school where all the students and faculty were moe and gar transformations of his friends in the international anime blogging community. Also, his body had aged backward to 17 years old, and all the students, even his classmates, called him “senpai”. At first CCY wanted to escape back to his own reality, but later decided to make the most of the situation he was in.

Sweet, kind, and excessively cute, CCY seems like a pure pure boy on the outside, but inside he represses the hunger and loneliness of a boy who went through high school and most of college without ever finding a girlfriend. Now that he has returned to high school and found himself surrounded by beautiful girls, he isn’t going to waste this second chance!

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  1. lolikitsune says:

    … wooooow. I had not expected multiple poses. You’ve gone beyond what I asked, Sixten, and it’s amazing. I was thinking you’d just give me different facial expressions to switch around on the one sprite you’d already done. I know that’s a cheap way of doing things, but I was fine and ready for it and now you’ve blown me away.

    I am quite looking forward to having these in my game. The poses look great.

    p.s. he’s so moe

  2. choux says:

    Aww crap, my paper dolls are going to look so cheap next to yours…

  3. Samu-kun says:

    Anime watching makes guys physically feminine? I wouldn’t mind that – most male Asian celebrities have slender figures anyways.

    Also, that’s an epic amount of different poses. Looks great.

  4. lolikitsune says:

    @choux: I don’t expect them to. I don’t think Sixten is going to expend this much effort on the other characters. At least, I wouldn’t ask him to, and I don’t think most of them need it. CCY, the character with the most screen time, probably can benefit from it.

  5. good lord this is some fine work!

  6. If the game is gonna be anything like these synopses, I think we can expect alot of great things =3

    CCY looks pretty hawtness! But I do have a tiny complaint about one of those expressions, and that would be “Annoyance”. Honestly… it doesn’t really look like she’s/he’s annoyed at all. I think if you were to go for something like a raised eyebrow or slanted shoulders, or even a more pout face, I think that would be alot better. If my explanation doesn’t make any sense, here’s a very quick sketch of what I mean (btw, just realized that it’s hard to replicate someones style… so that’s why it doesn’t look quite like your character). Here

    Perhaps I made her too angry in that pic, but I think you get what I mean. Believe me, girls were always annoyed by me, so I know how it is =3

    (and sorry, I have to say it! *ahem* Maybe you didn’t mean to say “Annoyance” but instead “IN DEFENSE MODE!” *ba dum psh*… I’ll leave now :<)

  7. CCY says:

    lk, I’m going to punch you for that name next time I see you.

    The good news is, I may punch you while cosplaying as myself.

    I have to agree with Jesus here that Annoyance looks more like, say, a pensive mix of Lelouch and Phoenix Wright (adding a “HOLD IT!” speech bubble looks about right), but otherwise, wow. Very impressive sketches. Looking forward to seeing this artwork in action.

    (It just occured to me though, lk, this might be the first visual novel in the history of mankind where the protagonist actually has a large presence onscreen, then?)

  8. Sixten says:

    @Jesus: Thank you for your suggestion. I will implement it.

    @CCY: The name is actually my fault, not lk’s. I don’t think it’s official.

    Also, while traditional visual novels generally do not have a sprite for the protagonist, if you look at Japanese RPGs with a strong VN component, like Ar Tonelico or Riviera, the protagonist does appear onscreen a lot.

  9. SporkLift Driver says:

    I rate the drawings — moe, moe, double moe, double moe, moe, moe, moe, double moe, moe and tsundere.
    I foresee epic brokenness.
    Any estimate on when the game comes out?

  10. lolikitsune says:

    @Jesus: the game is full of inside jokes and general internet stupidity, but hopefully people will see it as “shit in style” or perhaps “classy shit” and be amused despite the terribleness. I mean, I will aim to make it enjoyable!

    @CCY: punch me more, Senpai-kun!!

    @SprokLift Driver: sometime in the next year hopefully. As of now I have not yet planned the entire plot. There is a lot of writing left to do, and Sixten has not yet tackled the majority of the art, and then there’s music compositions (from lelangir? maybe kigamoosh? I dunno) and probably more things I’m forgetting here… basically, we’re in the early stages.

    But there will be releases before the final version – various teasers, and so on. Keep your eyes peeled here and on notdotq.

  11. moritheil says:

    CCY cosplaying as . . . CCY. My head is spinning.

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