Faces of CCY: Annoyance

The original “Annoyance” sketch.

The suggested change by Jesus159159159, endorsed by the real CCY.

The completed picture.

Higher resolution PNG with transparency here.

4 Responses to “Faces of CCY: Annoyance”

  1. lolikitsune says:

    Excellent. Will work so well at specific points I’m already thinking of…

  2. *blush* If only I got to see this face in the demo =(

    btw, is there any specific month/year we can expect the full game? =3

  3. lolikitsune says:

    @Jesus: I can promise full release by sometime in 2010 if art keeps coming my way as it is. If art development were to dry up for whatever reason, I don’t know when the game would be complete. As for the writing… I can definitely finish it by the end of next year, probably much sooner. The response to v0.1 was very positive, so I am motivated to work a lot on it right now.

    BTW Sixten people are loving your art 🙂

  4. jim says:

    “BTW Sixten people are loving your art ”

    For real, as funny as the scenerios are, the art is CRAZY good and makes everything a thousand times more enjoyable.

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